Donald Attwater

Donald Attwater (24 December 1892–30 January 1977) was a British Catholic author, editor and translator, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Notre Dame.
His parents were Methodists who became Anglicans while Attwater was a child and he himself became a Catholic at the age of 18. He studied Law but did not earn a degree.
Having served in the Sinai and Palestine campaign during the First World War, he developed an interest in Eastern Christianity while in the Middle East. After the war he lived for a time on Caldey Island and was profoundly influenced by the monks of Caldey Abbey. Throughout the 1930s, 40s and 50s he was a frequent contributor to the Catholic press in both Britain and America and a prolific author, translator and editor of books on Christian themes.
In 1936 he was one of the founders of the Catholic peace movement Pax, which opposed the invasion of Abyssinia by Fascist Italy.
Attwater was married to Rachel Attwater of South Wales, a fellow historian and published author on Catholic saints in the Orient.